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When the world gives you lemons...

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As the owner of an executive transportation management company, doing events like the Super Bowl, the Olympics (postponed of course), and numerous association and corporate meetings, COVID-19 was devastating (lemons).  During the months that followed with "stay-at-home" orders, I found myself needing something to do - a hobby to keep me occupied.

From that need, I started making carved gifts on the CNC for family and friends using the machine that was purchased to make signage for our transportation events. The more I gave away, the more people started asking to buy them as gifts for others and began asking for custom designs. The next thing I knew, Agape Design Company was born. Since then, we have had the pleasure to grow and add new products and types of engravings for many types and styles of occasions.  

This business, and the transportation management company as well (which is slowly starting to show some light again), remind me every day of the grace and faithfulness of God, no matter the circumstances.  Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and my life and His grace toward me is a testament of that every day. 


God bless you all.


John Nichols 


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